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Weekly Classes


The workday can be hectic, so I've created classes that are easy to join in progress and are welcoming for those who can only come once in a while. Each class is paced to build a sense of success for participants with a full range of fitness levels. Classes are generally 50 minutes long and held in 6 to 8 week sessions, but I can customize a program based on your goals, the number of participants, and the space available. Movements can easily be done seated as well as standing.


Workplace instruction typically costs $100 per session. Please talk with me about multi-session packages and models where participants contribute to the cost of the class.

Schedule a break that really recharges

As a certified workplace wellness leader, I've learned that every dollar invested in workplace wellness yields a return between 150% and 600%.

Studies show that tai chi not only improves health, but it also creates a stronger sense of well-being and happiness.


Tai Chi is perfect for workplace wellness programs. Traditional movements target stress and improve mental focus at the same time. Even occasional practice provides an excellent flexibility and conditioning workout without sweat or having to get down on the floor. 

Workplace Classes

Tai Chi Flow
Participants follow graceful tai chi movements from several styles to enhance health and relaxation.  More like a yoga class, students move to the music and feel the benefits of body awareness and mindfulness while gaining cardiovascular strength, flexibility, and fitness (without lying down or breaking a sweat).

Introduction to Mindfulness

Nothing can compare with simple meditation practice for reducing stress, strengthening concentration, and improving an overall sense of wellbeing. Yet many people struggle with slowing the mind down and taking the kind of break that allows the brain and body to function at its best.  As a meditation instructor, I not only help people get started with confidence, I can help them set up a habit that can turn a daily 15-minute break into the ultimate stress buster.

Energize Your Next Conference, Meeting, or Retreat


Keep your team productive and engaged all day with a Tai Chi break at your next event.  Slow relaxing movement fuels creativity and mindfulness and the right amount of fun. Make your afternoon coffee break a tai chi break, or I can work with event planners to show you how to use mind/body learning strategies to boost the effectiveness and flow of your entire event. 


Lunch & Learns

Get mind/body wellness to-go in an interactive presentation offered around any table in less than an hour.

Martial Arts Secrets for Reducing Stress
Ancient martial artists developed techniques for staying calm and focused in battle. These techniques can be applied to the stresses of every-day life in the 21st century. In this 50-minute session, participants practice simple breathing and focusing techniques to stay balanced, healthy, and stress free.

Introduction to Meditation
Studies have shown again and again that regular meditation dramatically reduces stress, improves health, and leads to greater focus and productivity. There are many kinds of meditation and many resources available to help you begin a meditation practice. I will demystify meditation and show you how to get started in a relaxed and casual setting.

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