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More Tai Chi Classes

Master trainer Ralph Dehner teaches Tai Chi in greater Cincinnati. Learn more about Sun Style and Traditional Sun Style Tai Chi.

Visit his website for details.

more classes

Meditation App

I've tried several meditation apps and Headspace is my favorite. I have been using it regularly for about 10 years. 

Simple instructions help you build a confidence in your ability to meditate and there are great sequences that help you address all kinds of issues from stress to relationships, to preparing for a competition.

Learn more


In-Person Meditation Support

The best way to learn about meditation is with the support of a teacher. If you are in the Cincinnati area the Cincinnati Zen Center offers meditation instruction and weekly opportunities to practice with a group.

Tai Chi Videos

Tai Chi for Arthritis by Dr. Paul Lam

This video includes the basic tai chi warm up and step by step instruction for Tai Chi for Arthritis movements. This video will remind you of the movements we've done in class and give you many new insights about them as you build new layers in your tai chi practice. This box includes 2 DVDs. The first includes the "core forms" covered in first 8-week class, and the second includes the rest of the sequence through push the mountain covered in the second 8 weeks


Tai Chi Videos

Tai Chi for Arthritis Part 2 by Dr. Paul Lam

This video starts with leisurely tying the coat and goes ​through to the end of part 2. It is good for participants who have already learned what's on the first DVD.



This is the music I use during class. It is the perfect rhythm for good tai chi.  It can be ordered on CD from Amazon, downloaded, or listened to streaming on Amazon or Spotify. 

Feng Shui: Music for Balanced Living

Daniel May

This gentle flute, piano and string music always makes me feel relaxed and ready for tai chi movement. 

Tai Chi Music

Paul Lam

This is the music you hear on the Dr. Lam's videos, and the music I often switch to for the "official pace" This music will help you set the perfect pace for Tai Chi for Arthritis or Tai Chi for Rehabilitation.

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