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Tai Chi Flow

This relaxing class combines traditional movements from Korean and Chinese Tai Chi and Qi Gong, the Chinese science of healing through breathing.


Perfect for workplace breaks or senior living, students can drop in anytime for a relaxing session of slow movement. There’s nothing to memorize from class to class, but if you come regularly you will build new healthy habits plus discover surprising depth in your movements and understanding of tai chi principles. There is always something new to try in Tai Chi Flow.  

All movement can be done seated or standing. No experience necessary.

Tai Chi for Arthritis
Dr. Paul Lam has created an easy to learn sequence of basic tai chi movements supported by Arthritis Foundation for its effectiveness. Register for a 6-week sequence of classes to get started. Kristin can teach also these movements to you in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. This class can be taught in any space with an open level floor. Contact Kristin to start a class at your workplace, senior living, or community center.

Tai Chi for Rehabilitation
The flowing movements of Tai Chi for Rehabilitation are especially designed to aid recovery from illness, injury, and even stress. Tai Chi for Rehabilitation is being used across the country in health care settings and work places with amazing results. This practice is easy to learn and is adaptable to all abilities. It can be done seated, standing or even lying down. Movements can even be practiced between classes by following a DVD.

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